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About Hyde New Homes

Hyde new Homes is the award-winning affordable homeownership part of the Hyde Group, a leading G15 developer of homes for all needs and incomes, providing homes and services to over 95,000 customers across London and the South East.

Our Experience

The 30-strong Hyde new Homes team sits within Business Development and provides expertise in sales and marketing.

Hyde plans to develop 7,500 homes over the next five years and is investigating ways to build further homes. As a not-for profit business, surplus is invested to build more affordable homes.

Hyde’s significant skills and experience are reflected in its approach to both new build and large-scale regeneration, harnessing a multi-disciplined approach where all relevant stakeholders input into each scheme at an early stage to ensure the product is suited to its target audience and commercially viable.

Homes are generously-sized, striking a balance between style and functional design, appealing to a wide range of home buyers. Quality finishes, fittings and long-lasting materials are used and current sustainability standards employed using latest heating and insulation technology, to reduce fuel bills and cut emissions.

The focus is on customer satisfaction, innovative product, award-winning design and locations, making Hyde’s new homes attractive to buyers and investors alike.

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